Warmth of Wood, Peacefulness of Japanese Design, Relaxing Space

Established 1960 in Vancouver, Canada, Our Japanese owned and operated Workshop have tackled many projects. These projects include crafting Japanese Rooms, making Japanese Furniture, Repair, Renovation, fabrication of Shoji, and finally re-surfacing of Fusuma Doors.
Our highly skilled craftmen use their traditional tools with precision to work with local wood and genuine Japanese hardware to add a tasteful Japanese flair to western architecture.

Nature’s Beauty・Craftsmans’ Passion

Using raw lumber and natural finishing techniques、our master craftsmens’ respect of Natures beautiful offerings are recognized and highlighted in our work. Our product shows our attention to the fine details and execution of installation which will meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers.

Expertise with Wood(Skilled Craftsmen)

Our workshop crew has a vast and deep knowledge on the property of lumber and materials that we work with. Our teamwork and passion towards making a product is evident in every piece that leaves our workshop.

What we do

  • Residential Renovations 住宅リフォーム工事
  • Order made furniture and installation オーダーメイド和家具の製作・取付け
  • Shoji・Fusuma Doors・Supply Tatami Mats・Shoji Paper Replacement 障子・襖・畳の製作・張替え
  • Tatami Room  日本間
  • Tea House / Tea Room  茶室
  • Japanese Bathroom 日本檜風呂